CSS Frameworks

CSS Framework Codes

This is the full list of CSS-Framework codes. Please use only these in published material.

If you need a CSS Framework which is not yet listed here, please suggest it in a new issue - we’ll evaluate it according to our rules to adding css-framework codes.

CSS Frameworks and their Unique Koi Codes

Rules for Adding CSS-Frameworks

These are the general rules we use to manage CSS Framework codes:

  1. CSS frameworks must be public (so no private frameworks in the public standard)
  2. The framework must still be actively maintained - so dead framework like YAML, Skeleton or 960gs will not be added, as we don’t expect new components to be created for these frameworks
  3. CSS frameworks must have a minimal user base to be added
    1. at least a few thousand sites across the internet
    2. or at least a few thousand stars on Github
    3. or at least 100 sites in one of the primary Koi-supported platforms like DNN

CSS Frameworks Regarded as Dead

The following CSS frameworks appear dead and not actively maintained any more, so were explicitly not added to the standard list of CSS frameworks:

  • YAML
  • 1140 Grid
  • 960gs
  • Skelleton
  • YUI


How to use Koi with private CSS frameworks?

You can always use your own code. Let’s say you have your company internal CSS-Framework called Blast. You can just make up a code for it - like blst and use that in your koi.json and in your code. Prefer longer codes, because others may some day clash with a public code, like bs1 would eventually clash with Bootstrap.

The public codes will always be 2-3 characters + version number, so use something different and you’ll be safe.

How to Use Koi if a public framework code is not yet standard?

If the public framework has a minimum adoption according to the rules, please post an issue. Otherwise, please make up a code which likely would become the standard and work with that, until it becomes standardized.