The Vision

Koi is a solution for CMS components to dynamically adjust their output to the CSS-Framework of the current page. In other words, a component can ask the page "what CSS framework are you using?" and adjust the output.

1) themes broadcast their css framework
2) components adjust their output

Super Simple

Koi is as simple as it gets. Themes just need a koi.json file to publish the framework in use, and the razor templates can use a simple @Koi.Class("...") syntax to pick the right css class-names. Additional helpers like @Koi.IfUnknown(...) make it perfect.

For any .net CMS - starting with DNN

The initial release has a DNN 7 - 9 implementation, but the code is .net core ready, should work across CMS systems.

Open Source MIT

The greatest license ever. Head over to Github and Implement Koi for your .net platform.